Middle Years

At Aquinas College we are inspired by our Catholic tradition and our vision is to be an excellent school. In the Middle Years we provide our Year 7, 8 & 9 students with the support required to make a successful transition from primary to secondary education and into the Senior Years. This is assisted through our Team Based approach to learning and strong pastoral care focus.

The Middle Years curriculum provides a rich, diverse and significant curriculum, which encourages students to cultivate their individual learning styles and higher order thinking skills. Students undertake units in Religion, English, Humanities, Science, Mathematics, Physical Education/Health, Arts, Technology and LOTE (Chinese and French).

Our Interdisciplinary focus in the Middle Years aims to encourage participation within a local, national and global context.  Programs such as Global Green Plan (Year 8) and the City Experiential Learning Program (Year 9) focus on enquiry and project based learning, extending the learning beyond the classroom.

Year 9 combines academic work with other learning experiences. Aquinas adopts “teaching and learning practices advocated in national and international research projects. The goal is to build … ways to make young people’s schooling at Year 9 more challenging, engaging and rewarding.” There are three specific activities designed to provide such experiences, City Experiential Learning Program, Café N9ne and the School Experience Block.

City Experiential Learning Program

Year 9 students spend ten days in the CBD at our city campus where they develop practical research skills, an understanding of the workings of the city and skills of independence, teamwork and collaboration.

School Experience Block

Students work on leadership and understanding the implications of risk taking in a program that is the culmination of independent learning in Year 9. This also includes driving skills and the survivor camp for every student.

Café N9ne

Each Year 9 student spends a week working in the Café at Aquinas. The experience provides a range of specific literacy, numeracy and hospitality skills as well as soft skills such as collaboration and team work. The Café is open to the public and parents are encouraged to visit. Please contact us for the dates and hours the Café is open.

House System

The organisation of Years 7, 8 & 9 is through three teams named after the founders of the original religious orders at Aquinas; MacKillop, Dominic and Rice.  Students remain in these teams during their Middle Years at the College, establishing a familiar learning community.