At Aquinas we believe that if a student grows as a person they will grow as a learner. Our Mission requires us to develop learning with spirituality, fairness, connectedness, optimism and enjoyment. This is done inside the school curriculum, but it is enhanced by a successful co-curricular program that values all students, their interests and their gifts.

Aquinas has a comprehensive co-curriculum that encourages involvement, leadership, community spirit, physical engagement, artistic endeavour, teamwork and Social Justice.

All students can become involved as College ambassadors and tour guides, in Harmony Day, Assemblies and Masses at College and year levels and at social justice events.


For the physical and sporting students there is the EISM competition in weekly sport for all year levels as well as carnivals in Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country. Weekly sports include Cricket, Hockey, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Softball, Tennis and others for both boys and girls. 

Arts, Music & Performance

Artistic activities include the Junior and Senior College Musicals, the many classical and contemporary bands that are formed as part of the College music program, the College choirs, the Senior Play, ensemble performances, life drawing, contributions to assemblies and participation in concerts including the annual ArtsFest and Showcase.

Community Involvement & Study Tours

Some particular community activities include: the camps at Year 7&8; fundraising also at Year 7 and 8; the City Experiential Learning Project, Café and Leadership Camp at Year 9; the Presentation Ball at Year 10; the Kakadu Trip, FIRE Carriers Immersion, the Formal and the French Trip at Year 11; and the University Immersion and Retreats at Year 12.

Student Leadership

There are two discrete ways that students can develop their leadership potential: as College Leaders or as members of the Student Leadership Council (SLC). College Leaders apply and are selected by senior staff to represent the school in an official capacity, as ambassadors, hosts and spokespeople. The members of the SLC on the other hand represent the student body with its members drawn from  the diverse range of co and extra-curricular groups within the College.