Request Prospectus

Where can I obtain a College Prospectus?

The College Prospectus is available on request from the College Registrar. Please phone 9259 3033 to have one mailed to you. Should you have any questions concerning enrolment, please don't hesitate to contact our Registrar.

When is the closing date for enrolments?

Enrolment opens at the commencement of the child's Grade 5 year and closes in the August of the same year. By October of that year, you will know where your child will be attending secondary school if you have applied at a Catholic Secondary school. Enrolment forms are available on request only during this time. Aquinas College does not have a waiting list as such for entry at Year 7.

What do I have to do to enrol my child?

It is recommended that you book to come on a tour of the College, either in your child’s Grade 5 year or in their Grade 4 year. This will provide you with ample time to look around at schooling options. The process at Aquinas is simple.

  1. Complete the Enrolment Form, attaching copies of the child’s Baptism and Sacramental program certificates if you are a Catholic family and provide proof of residence.
  2. Pay the application fee online here and provide a copy of the receipt with the application form
  3. Submit it to the Registrar between the dates specified.

Who gets an offer?

The cooperative nature of Catholic Secondary schools ensures that a family receives an offer of enrolment at only one Catholic Secondary school. Rather than sign individual application forms, Parish Priests have agreed that they will view the full list of applications from their parish once the application date has closed. Applicants from non-Catholic families are assisted by a letter of recommendation from a family currently at Aquinas or a Church Pastor.

Where can I access policies relating to enrolment at Aquinas College?

Policies relevant to enrolment at Aquinas include the Enrolment Policy and the Enrolment Policy Years 8 to12.

Who can I contact if I have any questions about Year 7 enrolment?

Ms Madeleine Kalla is the College Registrar. She can be contacted on 9259 3033 or by emailing