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  • 23 Feb 2018

    FLASHBACK FRIDAY- Prefects 1975. There are some familiar faces in this group whose children have since been through Aquinas. And we can't go without mentioning the sideburns. Impressive. Prefects "For those of you who are interested, the prefect’s duty includes supervision of the tuckshop, park, incinerator and various other duties. After I thought about the subject of prefects, I thought that it would be appropriate to tell you of the authority and respect the prefect commands. The prefect has a position of authority. He is the Principal’s representative and as such he must be obeyed and respected at all times. He is there to make sure that all school rules and discipline are observed. He shouldn’t be disliked when he is performing his duty and he should not be greeted, if that is the word, with cheekiness and rebukes. The prefect is not a “big bad policeman just picking on you”. Anything that a prefect tells you to do is generally for your own good. The prefect, as well as looking after discipline, is your elected representative and as such, if you have any ideas which you feel could better the school submit them to him. He in turn can either put forward your ideas at the prefects’ meeting or to the Principal. Therefore if you are ever elected a prefect it is something to be proud of and you should be happy that you have been given such a privilege whereby you set an example to the rest of the school." M. J. McQuillen School Captain Taken from: Pot-Pourri Vol 1 No. 1 1969 If you are coming to the Reunion on MARCH 18th, remember to register through our Event to let us know.

  • 21 Feb 2018

    Below is an informative session being run by Maroondah City Council for all parents around Online Safety. Details on how to book are on the image.

  • 18 Feb 2018

    Aquinas College were active participants celebrating Mass and sharing ideas around fair trade opportunities with like minded schools and communities on the International Day of Prayer & Awareness Against Human Trafficking. The focus of the day is attempting to end slavery through ethical consumer choices. Cafe N9ne @ Aquinas College proudly uses Fair Trade products where available. Dr Angela Reed, former student (PY ‘87) and Honour Roll Inductee 2015, has received numerous awards for her work in giving a voice to young women being trafficked both within the Philippines and internationally. To read more about her work, head to and click on Alumni.

  • 16 Feb 2018

    Flashback Friday: Today we head back to 1978 and a photo taken from the Year book of an excursion to the Flinders Ranges. Below is a snippet of an article from Vertigo 1974 taken from Ten years at Aquinas Girls College 1967. Guitar Club 'Another group of people out to achieve something at Aquinas is the Guitar Club. With Mr Cudmore as the teacher, the guitar club was founded in 1974 and since then approximately fifty students have learnt the guitar under the guidance of their competent teacher. The club offers a seven grade syllabus with exams for promotion. An annual presentation night is held where students of distinction are awarded a certificated stating their achievement for the year. In 1975 a form four student, Carol Walsh, who is now in form five green, received the honour of being awarded “student of the year”. As this club provided the only opportunity for learning a musical instrument at Aquinas, we hope it will continue for many years to come.'

  • 09 Feb 2018

    With our Annual Reunion Event not too far away (March 18), we thought it would make for some fun posting some 'oldies but goodies' pics. The photo below is from 1968. Anyone recognise themselves? We also have a snippet of something written in Pot-Pourri Vol 1 No:1 (1969). Leaving Humanities: On Thursday, 6th March, Forms 5 & 6 were taken to see ‘Macbeth’ at Monash University’s Alexander Theatre. Anyone expecting a first class performance had his hopes shattered when the play began. The main reason for its lack of success was the bad acting, even though it had the makings of a good production. Most found it quite boring, but nevertheless, as a school activity it was a success and it was pleasing to witness the improved behaviour all around.